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My whole life, as far as I can remember it, has been a film or cinematic video game in my head. I know, that sounds weird doesn’t it? For example, certain moments such as driving by perfect scenery leads me to imagine cuts to shots and of course a film score slowly fading in (probably by my idol, Thomas Newman!) or even the ridiculous scenario where I imagine shot-reverse shots when having conversations.

However, it’s only within the last four and a half years of my life that I finally realised there was a perfect dream job out there for me: Film Editing.

My “origin story” as I’m going to call it, was a strange one, as it isn’t exactly a sudden life-changing epiphany where I thought “You know what? Lets pursue film editing!” It was a process that began with a huge crush on Tom Hiddleston after watching him in Thor… so being the fan-girl I was, I stumbled across some fan-made videos depicting him as Loki. However, the one video that stood out was at the time, visually stunning to me. The way the editor turned each shot into a mesmerising visual composition that danced to the beat of the song and was purely just exciting to watch!

I then found myself reading the video comments, stumbling across one where the uploader was asked what editing software they edited with, and to my luck, my dad had Sony Vegas on his desktop!

I then made the most awful, but fun to create video ever on figure skating (because that’s what sixteen year old Beth was obsessed with!). I found myself enjoying the editing process so much. Sure, I had no idea about telling an actual story through images at the time, but this was fun.

I knew that I wanted to pursue this academically and as luck would have it, there was a “Film Studies” course at my school where I could make films with other filmmakers whilst learning film theory! Annoyingly, this meant that I would have to wait half a year to take up the course, as I was already half way through 1 out of 2 years at the Sixth Form (post-16 school education) as well as staying on an extra year whilst everyone else went to university. But I did it!

For the first time ever whilst I was in education, I was told by teachers that I was good at something and I actually felt like Hermione Granger through how often my hand shot up with answers.

Two films and three “Oscars” later (Awards we gained at an event that celebrated films we had made each year whilst on the course) my Film Studies days were over and after a very stressful University application process, I accepted a place at Sheffield Hallam University!

Me and my mum at the 2013 “Oscars”

Processed with VSCO with t1 presetAn “Oscar” won in my 2nd year.

I’m now in my third year at Hallam, but coming here has without a doubt been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve learnt so much about editing and my passion for it has increased. I’ve made and edited so many films in my (seemingly) short time here.

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I’ve made friends with the most amazingly like-minded filmmakers ever and new opportunities have opened up for me and my career, such as editing a short film that then got shown at a film Festival in York!

2017 is going to be both scary and exciting for me. Scary because I have no idea which city I’ll be living in once University finishes in three and a half months, but of course exciting because I eagerly await to see where my passion for editing will take me!

That’s all for now, but I hope you enjoyed reading this post!

Lots of editing love,


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